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June 8, 2008

Cell phones more dangerous than smoking

First of all, it is not my intention to tear down the fast growing use of the mobile phones at hand or to wreak horror among mobile users on the possible effects of constant exposures to radiation as one may encounter in using mobiles but this column is an attempt to understand the possibility of developing cancer as revealed in the recent scientific study. I am a passionate mobile user too and the nature of my job is dependent on the use of such device which I find it very helpful.

Going further, it is a universal belief that the inevitable advance in science endeavor facilitates human activities. As such, many appreciated the advantage one can get from using technology to ones endeavor. It is further regarded that the discoveries of modern science have not only affected the things we do, by providing us with gadgets and inventions of which earlier generations hardly dreamed but have also profoundly influenced the way we think at hand. In such an exciting time in the development of our culture, it is extremely important that people should understand the disadvantages these technologies give while we continue to take pleasure in what is likely the purpose of discovery and invention. The spirit and tradition of science from the inside is believed to have spoken the answers in making life automatic and complex by way of the products evidently used at home, office, school, and the like.

                Specifically, everybody if not majority of us say that cellular phones fast track process of communications. One can really see the advantage it gives whether it is a personal, household, official, administrative form of communication. To some extent, these mobiles too speak a convenient and easy form of documentation such as photo, voice recording, and video footage taking. Likewise, latest units at hand were designed with internet access which indeed had laid enormous benefit to ones career and business.

                But behind these advantages are the inconveniencies it leaves to humanity. Apparent drawback one can refer to is its influence to break a family when mismanaged by both husband and wife beside, it’s too expensive that you need to keep it operationally loaded for quite sometime. In some cases, others use it as a tool to destroy other’s personality, inflict fear to individual, and threaten lives. Moreover, mobiles bring forth causes of misunderstanding among neighbors due to mishandling of information.

                Not mentioning the other disadvantages, mobiles are more dangerous than smoking according to research conducted by Dr. Vini Khurana, a top neurosurgeon who has received 14 awards over the past 16 years. Professor Khurana too has various scientific papers explaining the effect of mobile phones. He has put the results of his studies on a brain surgery website, and a paper based on the research is currently being peer-reviewed for publication in a scientific journal. While one is benefiting on the use of mobile, one is likely to develop cancer due to constant exposure to radiations emitted on the process. It sounds too detrimental but one must be careful in handling such. Its effect is more than smoking as commented in the net. The reason why radiation on mobiles is more dangerous is the fact that almost everybody including young and smokers are mobile users and that they are recipients of the trouble the fatal radiation is giving.

                According to same research “using handsets for 10 years or more can double the risk of brain cancer. Cancers take at least a decade to develop, invalidating official safety assurances based on earlier studies which included few, if any, people who had used the phones for that long.” This is because as the mobile is online, certain brain cells get excited by the electromagnetic field (emf) created by mobiles. Such excitement may have cause brain cells to react more than the usual rate at which is it functioning in normal state. In such case, government from other countries like France, Germany and the European Government Agency had warned citizens specially that of children to minimize headset use.  Moreover, the degree at which a person uses mobile is directly proportional to the possibility of acquiring brain related diseases leading to brain cancer formation. This means that the more people are exposed to radiation brought about by mobiles, the more it is to developed diseases associated to brain disorder or malfunctioning. On the other hand, some experts in this field disagreed with the issue. Despite the overwhelming reports on mobile’s radiation effects, some experts do not agree on the association of radiation to brain risks and other related diseases presented. Such disagreement says no further and adequate researches have been duly accomplished to verify and validate people’s speculations about the effect of radiations to humanity.      

                Whether this research report has to find its way for better recommendations and confirmation processes, it cost no money, time and effort to become aware of the possible consequences and effects. Remember that prevention is better than cure.   You may say that I’ll shut up and hang up the cell phone instead putting too those cigarettes out in order to live long and healthy. But it would be a brilliant idea to consider such and take own safety measures to be warned at least. Investing little attempt in response to this challenge is not that bad. Look at Noah and his family, they were the only ones saying a flood is coming, and they were the only ones who survived. (For comments, feel free to leave it in my websites at www.lesiomhar.multiply.com, and www.lesiomhar.page.tl).

Mountain Province Exponent Column

June 1, 2008


The Inquisitive Ab-abiik column had found its way for a new noble task. Such undertaking perhaps is believed to have placed him in service brought about by his victory in the recently held MORPECO election to take the District 5 seat as Sabangan Representative, or his exit at hand could have been a family interest, business stuff or a personal endeavor that had called his awareness and time. Nevertheless, Mr. Ben Moga’s AB-ABIIK had made its fashion to pole vault in the social and political issues for quite some time. Its eventual fold had accommodated this MIX BLOGS to continue the service but in different perspective. My MIX BLOGS on the other hand is a re-invention of thoughts about culture, themes concerning academic curriculum, tips and information with reference to teaching-learning process and many more. MIX BLOGS as it is named is indeed chemistry of educational issues, art of personal touch on people’s way of life in the mountain that will come to you in a form of a learning package.

Talking about starting a school year, the two months summer vacation is a myth to both teachers and the students. The teacher spent so much time preparing for and taking additional classes to re-certify him, attending workshops and INSET programs as means of retooling his methodologists and approaches, scouting around for fresh ideas, and just sitting starring at the trees, “What can I do differently this year? On the other hand, students themselves deeply appreciated the break and used it instead for travelling, visiting, and working while the others took summer vacation for schooling in order to repeat a course to improve grades.

Back in the traditional calendar days students can attend summer schooling either to retake a class or to accelerate the process of learning if not to advance further by taking subject units to graduate early. But more importantly, summer vacation means a good respite from the prescheduled routine of daily attendance in school as well as assignments and home works that comes in bulky. It also means an opportunity to take on paid summer employment in order to gain some work experience to have when students pursue their chosen career fields after college. Likewise, this vacation served both as head start for teachers and students prepare for the next school year opening.

The underlying success a learner can have in school is seen on how much a beginning of a school year is managed. Indeed, the start of classes can be the focal point of sustained learner’s interest if parents and teachers do collaborate on the factors affecting the learning process.

For parents, it would be a help to consider talking now about the upcoming school year and the first day of classes. Catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, learning classroom rules and finding out what’s ahead are but one of great considerations parents should discuss. Be sensitive to contemplate on entities of how much you feel about your child’s going off to the school and formulate pre-emptive response to address such obstacle. Make time to get to know your child’s teacher and classroom environment while establishing an endeavor to let the teacher know that you appreciate feedback on your child’s progress on positive and negative composures. Notify the teacher to anything out of the ordinary that’s going on with your child or family.

Furthermore, make a point to meet the school community for it helps a lot to know the learning environment of your child so you know what to give for your child to have a good school daily experience. Some neglect too the impact of home’s atmosphere when it comes to space for studying. Whether is it a sala (living room), kitchen’s table or any place at home, provide a well lighted place for study equipped with school supplies like books, journals, magazines, school needed materials and a dictionary. For better learning, parents should build stab so their children must believe that they can learn and develop sense of conviction among themselves. The feedback you give your child—what you say and do about his or her abilities—will have a lasting impact on your child's self-confidence. Be encouraging and praise your child for the amount of effort that he puts into accomplishments.

Likewise, a good head start for a teacher too is to reflect on the following considerations. As an educator in the learning workplace, I want to share with you what’s in my checklist lately as my point of reference in starting and creating virtuous learning conditions in the classroom. Learning goals as the case may be should be reviewed in order to keep pace with the disciplines that are to be emphasized. One of the composures of an effective teacher as stressed by Caroline Porio, Director of the Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE) is the sensitivity to define the learning goals to which these goals should be underscored importantly in the four corners of learning. Inventory similarly is the summary of learner’s progress in school as well as his achievements, guidance and medical records. It would be of great help for a teacher to consider browsing this material for further referrals and guidance. Objectives may seem to play vital role too. Set a clear learning objective for each child that will move him toward your long-range goals. Discuss these objectives with the child privately and explain how they fit into the big picture of his future. Consider various Methods and Strategies and available resources. Basic differences involve the degree of flexibility you wish to use at each stage of your learner’s development. Add in your list Reference Library materials. Updated educational materials like books, magazines, journals, websites, and other printed and electronic items are of advantage. Remember that some students, most especially the elites kept themselves abreast with learning contents and information technologies. 

Moreover, commitment seems to have played relevant roles in ones teaching career. Be prepared to handle opposition or lack of immediate success through prayer, adjustment, and perseverance. Planning is also a good ingredient of successful teaching. Decide and list which topics, units, or subjects you will cover during which weeks or months to make an overall year’s plan. Lastly, care about PRAYER. Pray for guidance, wisdom, and strength and make it a daily quiet time with God top priority. Make it a reality that when God says NO to our prayers, there is much YES behind it. His means of saying NO is not a rejection but a re-direction to ones career and endeavor in life.

I believe that there are some other considerations a teacher should think about but the space cannot accommodate them all. Take patience and initiative to discuss with your officemates things you think as factors contributing to learners’ success. Remember that process of learning today is not confined in the classroom anymore. It is within the flick of finger as fashioned by technology and other form of learning materials.




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